27 February 2011

Acappellooza 2011

have you ever had one of those whirlwind days, where it seems like you have all the time in the world but then it's like where's the day gone? today was one of those days for me. slept in, ran errands, went to ULTA just to pick up some make up I ran out of but ended up getting a free face of makeup and walked out with some new goodies. :) talked to my aunt on the phone for about an hour. I just love catching up with her, it could be the most random conversations but it doesn't matter because she would still act interested. then, realized it was already 4pm, made a mad dash to get ready for my friend, Bryan's birthday dinner at Fish Daddys.

Then, after dinner we all indulged in Acappellooza! a benefit concert of several acappella groups from A&M and other schools including, UNT, UH, OU, and yes even t.u. It was SO good! All of the money raised was donated to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and DSO Kids! All the groups sounded amazing and I even got a chance to play with my new flip camera! (see Dad, I told you it would be put to good use)  I promise to post some video and pictures soon!

but, alas it is now very late and tomorrow is a new day! can anyone say red carpet kinda sunday?! that's right the Oscars! I already have my ballot filled out with my predictions of who will win,,,do you???

"and the Oscar goes to,,,"


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