25 February 2011


so, this being my first blog ever you will have to forgive me as i stumble my way through this. i guess introductions are in order.

Howdy! Bonjour! Hola! Ciao! Guten Tag! Khairein! Shalom! 

My name is Courtney. I like to read, cook, sing, watch classic movies. This by no means contains all of my favorites but it's a start,,,

I am addicted to several tv shows, some i'm proud of, some not so much but i still watch them shamelessly. Survivor anyone? I live with three of the best roommates a girl could have! I love antiques and anything unique  in nature. No cookie cutters for me, thank you :) 

and the last factoid for this my first post, i collect quotes. I love them. I will try to end each post with one so if I don't keep me accountable. mmk? 

"The episodes in life that last so many years in memory are often measured in fleeting moments as they happen." [Steve Summers]


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