01 April 2012

See I told you,,,

The curse of the journal strikes again!

Well it’s a year later and if you are still reading this you deserve a medal or small parade or a Jubilee tour, because that is just how long it’s been. In my absence A LOT has been going on!

So as the Muppets say “Let’s travel by montage”:

Finished school in College Station.

Hopped across the Pond for a spell.
Why, yes that is the inside of a London police department.
Moved home.
Room Renovations (dust.)
Fried Bubble Gum. for the record, so, so nasty.

Sing at a wedding. Check.

Hp7 pt.2. sigh.

Explored the Alaskan frontier.

Student teaching.

LOTS of trips to the duck pond.

100 candied apples. Challenge accepted.

Graduated (WHOOP!)

Happy Christmas.

Happy New Year from Austin.

First Job!

Threw a black and white affair.

Swiss friends.

Winter Weekend (Dub.Dub.1.2.)

Lots of tea.

Learned to tell time. Bahamian style.

Throw in a couple other odds and ends in and you’re up to date.
So, How ya been?