01 March 2011

oh what a beautiful day!

Today was an answered prayer. to put it lightly. Recently, I have been having some professional frustration in my senior methods. HOWEVER, today that all changed. I got to teach my seventh graders today for the first time!!! I've been observing there for over a month now but today was the day. I'll be honest this had been heavy on my heart for a couple weeks and my God provided today when I least expected it. and it felt AWESOME! The kids were wonderful, receptive, and seemed to enjoy the lesson. When I finished one of my kids looked up and said "Ms. Crosby you're a really good teacher" (insert melted heart) I just feel so blessed to have found a career that fills me with this much excitement. I even got out early, visited the Rec, then high on feel good endorphins had a delicious chicken salad sandwich plus an ever so slight piece of blackberry chess pie aka piece of heaven. Tonight's agenda? Quality Monday Night Television,,,Bachelor and Bethanny Ever After Premiere. Don't judge you know you are totally jealous! ha,,,bee.tee.dubs  I have officially decided after tonight an elephant ride on an African safari is a Courtney absolute must! 

Today personified a word I came across recently, Makarios. This Greek word is found in the Bible meaning "blessed, or having a restful soul" I sleep tonight with a restful soul and I have so much to be grateful for. 

1. My Amazing family
(yes, I am the short older sister, what's your point)

2. This lady,,,is one of the most God fearing, kind hearted people I have ever had the joy of knowing. 
Did I mention she's kinda a goober? :)

3. My beyond wonderful friends that you will probably meet along the way but if I were to add pictures of all of them we'd be here for a very long while.
4. Sweet tea. two words never sounded so sweet.
5. Days where you stay in your pajamas all day long, light a smelly good candle, and soak in the happy. 
6. Pearls. Classic. 
7. Road Trip Jam Sessions with the Windows down.

What are you grateful for? Is anyone else suddenly in the mood for turkey and dressing?

"God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself,
 because it is not there. There is no such thing." [C.S Lewis]


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